Drone Laws in Portugal

The National Institute of Civil Aviation of Portugal (Portuguese: Instituto Nacional de Aviação Civil, I.P.), often shortened to INAC, I.P., is the civil aviation authority of Portugal. It oversees all aspects of civil aviation within the Portuguese territory and all its dependencies.

Source: http://www.anac.pt
Drone Laws in Portugal

Understand the Drone Laws in Portugal Before Your Fly

Are you traveling to Portugal to fly your drone? Drone laws have not yet been issued in Portugal but make sure you follow basic safety when flying. Avoid flying above 120 meters and maintain line of site. IN addition, you will want to avoid airports, government buildings and military controlled areas. 

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Portuguese Government Agencies

National Institute of Civil Aviation of Portugal
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Guidelines for Flying a UAV

ALWAYS fly bellow 120m  (393 ft)
ALWAYS maintain line of sight 
DO NOT fly your drone near crowds or people 
DO NOT fly your drone at night 
DO NOT fly your drone in bad weather
DO NOT fly your drone near airports, military or government buildings

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