Drone Laws in Malaysia

The Department of Civil Aviation of Malaysia is established as an agency under the Ministry of Transport (MOT) Malaysia to provide safe, efficient and orderly flow of air transportation, and to regulate aviation activities in Malaysia.

Drone Laws in Malaysia

Understand the Drone Laws in Malaysia Before Your Fly

Are you traveling to Australia to fly your drone? The rules in Australia are clear when it comes to flying. You can fly both commercially and recreationally but are required to hold a Operators Certificate if you do fly for compensation. 

A few things to keep in mind when traveling to Australia… You must not fly closer than 30M to any vehicle ( including boats, cars, RVs, and trucks) or buildings that are not on property you own unless you have permission from the owner of that property. In addition, do not fly at night, stay below 123M (400 FT), fly only in good weather, maintain visual line of site and no FPV (sorry racers). 

Can I fly for recreation?
*Certificate or license required
Can I fly for business?
*Certificate or license required

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Malaysian Government Agencies

Department of Civil Aviation of Malaysia
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Commercial Application Information

Vehicles over 20kg require a Certificate of Airworthiness or a permit to fly issued by DCA Malaysia is required.

Guidelines for Flying a UAV

DO NOT fly higher than 122m (400ft)
DO NOT fly near people not associated with flying the drone or over crowds
DO NOT fly a drone that weighs more than 7kg withought resitering it with the DCA
DO NOT fly a drone that weighs more than 20kg without holding a private pilots licence and obtaining a permit for every flight you intend to operate.
YOU MUST fly during daylight hours
YOU MUST only fly in good weather conditions, its owners and affiliates have done their best to compile the most accurate information from countries around the world. While we feel the information is accurate, we make no claims to its accuracy. Please use the information provided as a first step in your research. Do not travel to a foreign country without checking thoroughly the rules and regulation for drone flying.

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