Drone Laws in Latvia

The Civil Aviation Agency of Latvia was established to implement national civil aviation and flight safety policies in Latvia.

Drone Laws in Latvia

Understand the Drone Laws in Latvia Before Your Fly

Planning on flying your drone in Latvia? As of late 2015, a few laws have been passed for all drone flights. All aircraft will need to be registered with the CAA and cannot be flown higher than 50 m is major cities. For smaller cities, you can fly an aircraft up to 25kg and up to 120 m high as long as you register the craft. These laws are still new in Latvia. If you have any questions please contact the CAA. 

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Civil Aviation Agency of Latvia
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Guidelines for Flying a UAV

DO NOT fly a drone over 1.5 kg (3.3 lb) without permission from the CAA
DO NOT fly your drone higher than 50 m (164 ft) in main cities
DO NOT fly your drone higher than 120 m (393 ft) in smaller outside cities
DO NOT film a large events without a parachute on the aircraft
YOU MUST yield to all maned aircraft 
YOU MUST register your drone with the CAA, its owners and affiliates have done their best to compile the most accurate information from countries around the world. While we feel the information is accurate, we make no claims to its accuracy. Please use the information provided as a first step in your research. Do not travel to a foreign country without checking thoroughly the rules and regulation for drone flying.

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